Ladies and Gentlemen, We’re Back!

Hey guys, this is Brandon Backlin; of the “former” Branson chapter of We Are Change. First of all; allow me to apologize. Apologize for what, you may ask? Well, during this fall and winter, I let this space; and another paid for by friends, go completely unused. From roughly July to just before now, anytime you would punch in “” or “”, you would get a generic server setup page; and no form the usual for WAC chapters (you know, knowledge and activism). As a matter of fact, I tried and I got nothing, not even a “this page is parked courtesy of GoDaddy” page. So, it got canceled. I apologize for the gratuitous waste of money (~$70) and I can safely inherit this site’s hosting bills from now until, well, we get shut down by the government or something.

I used to worry about how I would get everything back up to how it was before, but then I realized; the concepts that were written about back then are just about the same as they are now, which means I can just rewrite about them and we can cover major events going on from here on out. Feel free to send your material to (soon to be changed, look to the side for current contact info); it will probably get published.

Just so you guys know, I’m still committed to archiving all past and future content from all chapters within Missouri. If you have old things that need to be archived (because we more often than not need to learn from the past), feel free to send them. Videos of the Branson chapter will be up the soonest because that’s the chapter I’m closest to.

Being the change, in Missouri